(The twitter gaming features are no longer available.)


Pepsi Tweet20: The thrill of playing cricket + the fast-paced fun of Twitter

From hamlets in Bengal to skyscrapers in Mumbai, cricket is India’s one universal passion.

Pepsi was a sponsor for the T20 World Cup, 2012. To establish their association, they wanted an engaging and memorable experience for fans.

We thought: why talk about cricket, when you can play it? So we created the first cricket tournament played on Twitter.

It was a simple idea: Pepsi tweeted balls. You could @reply with shots and score runs.
The Twitter gaming module tracked all tweets and calculated scores in real time.
The Twitter API-enabled web and mobile sites let you tweet too, and see your scores LIVE.


Over 9.6 million impressions

#pepsiT20 was a top 10 India trend for 8 days

Attracted 11000 people

Avg. time spent on site: 17 minutes

Zero media spend